Powerful business software solution designed for your need’s

Our tool of choice is the FileMaker Platform. FileMaker-based solutions are used today by millions of people in the business, education, non-profit and government sectors. The FileMaker platform is a suite of tools used to easily build flexible database solutions for rapid deployment on Windows and Mac, iPad and iPhone, and to extend them to the Web.

Create custom apps which will work for your business need’s

FileMaker Platform is a powerful software with the ability to integrate with current data sources and the ability to create custom apps which will work for you and your team, either office based or field based.

Ways we can assist you develop and grow:

♣   You could have a fully designed, developed and deployed FileMaker solutions for organisations.

♣   Our solutions are tailored to meet the exact requirements of each company. We design and build to fit in with the way you work rather than forcing you to work the way the solution works.

We can help if your company develop:

♣   Custom solution designed and developed to help run your business
♣   Custom solution designed and developed to help run your department
♣   iPad / iPhone solution for workers on the go
♣   New functionality added to an existing FileMaker database
♣   Problems with an existing FileMaker database diagnosed and resolved
♣   iPad / iPhone module added to an existing database

“Information is often stored anywhere but at your fingertips. It is spread around multiple spreadsheets and documents. It is at the office when you are out and about. It is on colleagues’ computers when you need it on yours. Even when you have the data, it can be hard to find the information you need.
Your database solution can streamline the way your organisation is run, saving you time, money and frustration”

Imagine the time savings if repetitive tasks were completed at the click of a button. And if information was easy to find and linked with related information. You and your team should spend time on the jobs you do well and enjoy, not on admin. Computer systems should help you succeed rather than hold you back.

Whatever your organisation and whatever information you need to manage, we can craft a customised system to help you succeed.

A system that grows with you

One thing is certain in business, and that is change. Your requirements will grow over time.
We build systems that can adapt and support the same fast and furious pace that your business evolves. Flexibility is a core feature of our solutions. They can scale from a handful of users to hundreds of users as the business grows. The feature set can develop and grow to meet new business requirements.

Workers on the GO

♣   Conduct inventory checks while in the warehouse
♣   Generate sales orders at a customer site (including capturing digital signatures)
♣   Track shipping and receiving activities
♣   Check in attendees onsite for an event
♣   Update project status while traveling
♣   Add research notes while in the field



Online or offline



Whether your workforce needs to interact with live data in real time or has to work offline with data that can be synced later, our iPad solutions can adapt to your scenario.
If you have a Wi-Fi/3G/4G connection to the office then you can work with live data in real time. Any updates you make can immediately be seen by colleagues back in the office incl multi-site.
If the environment means that a Wi-Fi/3G/4G network is unavailable then a different approach is needed. Data can be synced to the iPad before you go offline and any new or edited data synced back to the office when a network connection is established.

What the future could hold for you… (Contact CRM)

Contacts.crm is a powerful Customer Relationship Management software tool that helps companies manage the messy data growth that comes with growing a business. It is a multi-user system that manages all your dealings with current and potential customers in one place.
Powerful features help you organise your business and know your customers. It’s features work together to save you time and make you more successful.

It does all this and more:

♣   Gives you a full profile of each person – instantly know which goods / services a contact has purchased or expressed interest in along with details of correspondence and mailings sent to them.
♣   Tracks conversations with potential customers and schedules follow-up activities.
♣   Generates highly targeted mailings with its powerful search facilities.
♣   Stores details of your jobs, orders and projects.
♣   Produces personalised documents, eg. order confirmations, that can be printed or emailed with a few clicks.
♣   Protects your data – users are given access to information relevant to their role without having access to data they shouldn’t.
♣   Generates invoices and tracks payments received.
♣   Produces a range of reports analysing the business.

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