Protect Your Child with Exec-RMM

We provide you an account login to monitor your children/s usage from any device, from mobile phone/tablet/pc/laptop & Apple devices.

A cost effective way to block social media during times of the day you do not want your child to access it for example BLOCK access to Facebook/Gaming/Gambling sites. (many more too).

  • Remotely wipe/lock/unlock the device
  • Track your child’s location or if your phone is lost track to 2 feet of its position
  • Website controls – Whitelist/Blacklist
  • Allow internet during set times of the day
  • Block sites for hours you allow set to any day of the week
  • See what apps have been installed, handy at a glance

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Remotely Wipe lost devices

Track device location via GPS

Standardize  configuration for fast and easy provisioning

Enforce Security Protocols

Track & report on mobile assets

Managed Device Warranty