What we do

We are here to assist your business needs to help, support and advise on your moving forward with IT projects.

We don’t just stop once we have left your site; we have a 24/7 reporting software which will be monitoring all your work stations/laptops/tablets & servers. This will alert us if any Hardware / software is accruing issues which might lead to failure.


To provide responsive support
Real time remote support
Visible support ticketing system
Real time reporting


Exec-RMM Software Launch (Jan 2017)

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Real time security
Hardware purchases long with custom installations
Transparent Support
Reliable service
24/7 Monitoring/Alerting

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Reporting on request
White list/Black List (Website blocking)
Custom picked Anti-Virus solutions
Microsoft partner guarantee
Transparent ticketing system & knowledge base website
Quick reliable response
Your own principle consultant on hand

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Website Design

Before starting any website design project we will take the time to fully understand your business. We need to discover your brand, business model, objectives, USPs, products, services and most importantly your target markets which will allow us to create an individual, bespoke concept.

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Choose your Tier:

Custom Tier solutions broken down

Tier 1
Pay as you use
  • Virus Fix
  • Windows Upgrade
  • New Purchase
  • Virus Software
  • Blue Screen
  • Install Issues
  • Advice
  • MAC’s Covered
  • Project Advice
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Per Website
  • Bespoke Design
  • Bespoke CMS (Content Management System) or WordPress
  • Ecommerce
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Full support for lifetime of website
  • 4 Unique layouts
  • Animated Banner
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Management Software
  • Hardware monitoring
    • Reducing operating costs
  • Real time reporting/alerting
  • UK Data Centre’s
  • Cloud backup – Unlimited archive retrieval
  • Anti-Virus fully managed/daily updated
    • Email Worms
    • Network Viruses
    • Spyware
    • Data Theft
    • Phishing Attacks
    • Email Spam & Malware
    • Security Threats
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Peace of mind
  • Reduce risk & maintain productivity
  • Transparency & Accountability
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Remote Assistance

Follow screen prompts and speak to a Consultant

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Our Core Features

We provide the best, affordable solution you will ever need

Introduction to Exec-RMM Software

***Exec-RMM – Now Released***

“January 2017”

Our Strategy, Your IT Partner

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24/7 Monitoring of your Hardware

So what does it cover?

  • Workstations/Servers/Websites/SNMP
  • Network Devices/Servers

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Asset Management

  • Automatically gather information from any device
  • Free reports on hardware, software and software licenses
  • Electronic extract of asset data

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Office 365 - Download a free 30 day trial version

This free trial invitation includes:

  • 25 user licenses Office 365 Business Premium Trial
  • Delegated administration

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Project Management

Planning occurs broadly at two levels;

Planning & Delivery…

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Website Design

  • Design & Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web Hosting/Email accounts

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More of what we provide

Your 360° IT Solution

Office 365

Why choose Office 365

Easy to set up and use

  • Install and deploy quickly.
  • Set up new user accounts in seconds.
  • Get updates automatically. The Office tools you rely on are always up to date.

Work from anywhere

  • Get virtually anywhere access on select mobile devices.
  • Work on your Office files online or offline.
  • All your files are automatically backed up.

Worry-free IT

  • Stay safe with built-in anti-malware and anti-spam protection.
  • Count on a financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Focus your IT resources on other projects

Exec-IT has configured a custom collection of Microsoft Online Services for you to try.

Free Trial Download Here

This trial invitation includes:

  • 25 user licenses Office 365 Business Premium Trial
  • Delegated administration

Cloud Backup Solution/Design

Exec-IT give our customers the ability to backup and instantly recover from cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures – with one unified solution, from one user interface.

EXEC-RMM Backup Solution

Reduced Cost:

·   Less storage space required

·   Less bandwidth needed

·   Recover to dissimilar hardware if needed

Improved Productivity:

·   Back up more data in less time

·   Minimizing downtime with faster restore times

·   Restore a single file or a complete volume from any point in time you have data backed up


 What would be the cost to your business if
you lost your critical data?

 Your business data is the lifeblood of your company and the amount you are collecting and storing is growing all the time. Imagine the impact if you lost a day’s data, a week’s data, a year’s data, due to inadequate or infrequent back-up processes. What would happen, could you recover?

 A managed backup service from Exec-IT ensures that all files are automatically backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes if needed. And it will likely cost less than your monthly phone bill. So, how much is your data worth?

Benefits of Managed Backup

·    Low Cost of Ownership

A fully managed data backup and restore solution for the same or less than a capital purchase that you have to manage yourself.

·    Total Peace of Mind

Thanks to centralized management and monitoring by our NOC team, you can rest assured that your business data is safe and being handled by experts. Which means you can focus on your business

·    Reduce Your Day-to-Day Operating Costs

While most solutions require full backups periodically or in some cases daily, our solution only requires an initial full backup then from that point stores only incremental file changes. Saving you money in storage space, data transfer costs and server load.

·    Safeguard Business Information

Since the solution takes backups in terms of changes, you will be able to recover files, even older revisions.

·    Ensure Business Continuity

Backup your most critical business applications to ensure that you can get quick access to restore systems that would have the most impact to your day-to-day operations if they were down.

·    Increase Productivity and Decrease Downtime

With our rapid restore capabilities, we will minimize the costs associated with lost productivity and downtime.

·    Detailed Reporting Information

No longer will you be unsure of how well your data is protected. We will provide you with reports monthly that let you know that your data is safe!


Block Level Infinite Incremental Backup

I2 TechnologyTM means never having to do another full backup, drastically reducing the backup time, storage space, network traffic, and workload of your servers.

 Recover Your Data to Dissimilar Hardware

Can perform a bare metal restore of your data to dissimilar hardware. You don’t have to worry about purchasing that new server anymore!

 Virtual Server Support

Backup your virtual servers with the same software that you use to back up your physical servers.

 Supreme Flexibility

Recover your data from nearly any point in time, whether it is just one file or a full restore.

 Full Transparency Through Reporting

Wide range of detailed reports are provided monthly to ensure that you know what is happening and that you can breathe easy knowing that your data is protected.

 Fully Managed System

We monitor the software to ensure it is always working, and will act immediately if there is an issue.


·   Loss of Data

·   Failed Restores

·   Costly Upkeep

·   Unreliable Systems

·   Compliance

·   Cost of Downtime

“75% of small and midsize businesses rank data loss as the most significant risk to their business.” – Applied Research

Why our clients choose our Managed Backup Solution

Reduced Costs

·   Less storage space required

·   Less bandwidth needed

·   Recover to dissimilar hardware if needed

 Improved Productivity

·   Back up more data in less time

·   Minimize downtime with faster restore times

Increased Awareness

·   Centralized Remote, Management and Monitoring by our engineering team

·   Detailed monthly reports on backup status

  Increased Confidence

·   Regular backups minimize business downtime in the event of a data loss

·   Backups are always scheduled and managed by experts

Features Remote Backup Manager
Initial Data Assessment and Plan Included Our engineers will assess your critical data and develop a comprehensive backup plan that protects your critical data.
Disk Based Backup

Deployment and Configuration

Included Installation of our enterprise class disk based backup and recovery software.
Monthly Backup Capacity and

Performance Reporting

Included Regular reporting demonstrating the effectiveness of the backup solution and ensuring efficient use of resources.
Monitored and Managed by our

Network Operations Centre

Included Our team of NOC engineers work in the background to ensure backups are successful and critical data is protected.
Remote Backup to Cloud Option Important files and folders are stored in the cloud in case of critical failure.
Data Centre Replication and

Disaster Recovery Planning

Option Advanced Disaster Recovery options are available to eliminate the risk of data loss and protect your business.
Essential Support

·   Attended and Unattended remote control for additional support

·   Asset Discovery and Reporting

·   Device Health Monitoring

Value Added Service Our NOC team is available to assist with all your support needs, delivering support remotely and actively monitoring your systems for critical failure.

Did you know that for most businesses, IT is the
second-largest budget item after employees?

 Exec-IT provides your first line of defence, protecting your IT investment by delivering

Why SMB’s are adopting Managed Services:

Approximately 7 in 10 end-user organizations today contract with a MSP for some or all of their technology needs, according to a recent survey report published by CompTIA.

 The CompTIA study found 46% of the current users of MSPs have reduced their annual IT expenditures by 25% or more as a result of their shift to managed services, with 13% experiencing 50% or more IT savings.

 These savings and other business benefits have driven 62% of the current users of MSPs to plan to increase the proportion of their IT operations managed by MSP over the next two years.

 Exec-IT Features:

·   IT Health Report:

Receive a quarterly report on the health of your technology, including Network Health, Warranty, and Lifecycle Management reports

 ·   Exec-RMM Health Dashboard:

Get a real time view into the status of your business’s IT with our enterprise class monitoring & management solution

 ·   Exec-IT Responsive Support:

Our helpdesk and team of engineers are available to assist with all you
support needs. Remote support is a click away!

Exec-IT Benefits:

·   Avoid IT emergencies:

Our Network Operations Centre will help resolve issues before they impact your business

 ·   Improve Productivity:

Give your employees and customers an improved user experience on your network

 ·   Save Money:

Reports to help you plan to have the most cost effective and efficient IT solutions

Complete Desktop Security for Your Business

Exec-IT provides your organization with the first line of defence against viruses and security threats that can be a result of outdated Anti-virus software and unpatched systems.

 We can provide you with a complete Core Security package that includes the #1 rated Anti-virus software out in the market today. We will work to keep your PCs safe and your employees productive.

 All at a price that is easy on the budget

Every minute counts in today’s fast-paced business environment. Stop wasting your valuable time and energy on the planning, selection, deployment, testing and updating of your Anti-virus software.  And don’t leave the safety and security of your network environment in the hands of your employees by holding them responsible for ensuring their PCs are continually updated with the latest Windows security patches. Keeping your workstation environment up to date and secure can be time-consuming and costly if not handled properly.

Exec-RMM Desktop Core Security program will provide you with the skilled IT resources and enterprise-class security software you need to ensure the ongoing protection of your PCs against the ever present threat of viruses and malware attacks that can result from outdated AV software and unpatched PCs.

Benefits of Our Desktop Core Security Solution

·   Reduce Operating Costs

One security incident or an unpatched desktop can stop your employees from being 100% productive, which will affect your bottom line. A virus can hit many machines and take weeks to eradicate.  By removing this risk, it will save you money!

·   Protect Your Company’s Critical Assets and Information

Combining our award-winning AV software with our patch management solution will ensure an additional layer of protection for your workstation environment. We will ensure that all of your Microsoft applications and platforms, as well as your 3rd Party applications remain up to date with the latest patches.

·   Comprehensive Reporting

Have confidence that your systems are continually being protected! We will provide you with monthly reports that will demonstrate the effectiveness of our service. 

Why our clients choose our Desktop Core Security Solution

Stand-alone Anti-virus Software:

·   Provides a point solution to specific issues

·   Requires manual monitoring and maintenance to remain current and effective

·   Relies on end-user decisions for operation

·   Does not provide consistent version control across desktops

·   Does not provide centralized management and lacks reporting

Managed Anti-virus:

·   Provides proactive and comprehensive security, monitoring and management

·   Centralizes the deployment and updating of software to ensure coverage and consistency

·   Automates management processes to avoid errors and reduce costs

·   Leverages expert IT skills 

·   Monthly reporting to show you are protected

Essential IT Support  
·         24/7 Essentials Monitoring Included
·         Software & Hardware Reporting  
Managed Anti-virus  
·         AV Monitoring

·         AV Updates

·         Threat/Status Reporting

Managed Patch

·         Windows Patch Management

·         3rd Party Application Patch Management

·         Patch Reporting – Successful/Missing/Failed Patches




Managed Service Desk (Optional)

·         Unlimited Remote Service Desk Support

·         Trending and Reporting Information

·         Capacity/Status Reporting



Managed Mobile (Optional)

·         Mobile Management, support and reporting

Managed Vulnerability Scanning (Optional)

·         Monthly Vulnerability Scan & Compliance Reporting



IT Consultancy

We have a proven track record of working with our clients to design, implement and support a wide variety of systems.

From single user, single server networks, to multi seat, multi-site businesses and fully hosted, managed office infrastructures, we have the skill-set and partners to be able to consult with you to architect a solution to fit your technical and budgetary requirements.

Past projects have included complete network, hardware and software rebuilds for SMB companies to fully hosted office solutions, server migrations to later server platforms, hosted email migrations, moving businesses from single to multi-site infrastructures along with variants of migrations, implementations and installations.

For a no obligation discussion and initial meeting, please call Exec-IT today, and one of IT consultants will be happy to help and advice your future grown/demand.

Hardware & Partners

We have established a wealth of knowledge of key products within the industry and have focused on the best of the best, thus cherry picking our elite partners to work alongside, to provide our clients the most up to date knowledge and support and wealth of support you deserve.

Client Portal Access

We provide a totally visible platform for your organization to see at all times the status of your tickets raised by yourselves and staff.

You can reply talk direct to the engineer dealing with your issue/s and create a live state conversation.

If you have your account access already then please follow the link below to login to your partner portal with Exec-IT

Client Portal

Welcome screen will give you quick one click links to your support request. You will see all active tickets along with any/all updates – Raise an incident/ticket – Request New Service/changes.

Finally we have put together a solution link which will allow you to see all fix’s we have done so building a knowledge base up for you to see.

You can see total transparency for your company’s service we are offering.

Protect Your Child with Exec-RMM

We provide you an account login to monitor your children/s usage from any device, from mobile phone/tablet/pc/laptop & Apple devices.

A cost effective way to block social media during times of the day you do not want your child to access it for example BLOCK access to Facebook/Gaming/Gambling sites. (many more too).

  • Remotely wipe/lock/unlock the device
  • Track your child’s location or if your phone is lost track to 2 feet of its position
  • Website controls – Whitelist/Blacklist
  • Allow internet during set times of the day
  • Block sites for hours you allow set to any day of the week
  • See what apps have been installed, handy at a glance

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